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We work only on projects which can be conducted by us with high level of competence expected by clients.

Our price policy is transparent and flexible to meet needs and budgets of clients.

While providing our principals with terms and conditions of our work we are guided by their priorities: expected quality of services, experience of our firm, experience in clients’ business industry, expected standards of performance and cost efficiency.

We are able to deliver work results promptly, running to agreed budgets and keeping time-limits set.


We are a law firm providing services within adequately narrow legal specialization.

We are strong in industries our clients operate in and understand their strategic concerns, priorities and competitive environment. Therefore, we are ready to provide timely assistance and proactive legal advice where our clients meet emergencies.

We are an excellent alternative to large law and consulting firms as for proportion of service fees and service quality where we work on assignments within the scope of our legal and client specialization.


We work in close contact with legal departments and in-house counsel of our clients. Thus, clients can rely on us as much as on themselves or their employees.

We comply with the expectations of legal departments and in-house counsel of our corporate clients.

We maintain close contacts with legal departments and in-house counsel of corporate clients, for timely reporting status and development of cases handled by Zorin Law Office.

We hold specialized seminars in aid of legal departments and in-house counsel and other employees of our principals. Thus, enterprises can save significant funds using the potential of own employees in the course of solving routine and model problems instead of involving law firms or outsource agents.

In view of ever-increasing scope and complexity of paper work in corporations, we are ready to offer worthwhile, as for cost and efficiency, instruments, methods and ways allowing legal departments and in-house counsel of our clients to manage such a work easily.

In many cases, our firm provides legal assistance on terms of outsourcing that makes it possible for clients to reduce their production and service costs.

Updated: 16.11.2015

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