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Representative office in Russia



Zorin Law Office represents foreign investors’ interests before the Russian government administration and regulation authorities, and international and domestic organizations and individual persons in Russia on behalf of international and foreign companies. The liaison office cultivates contacts to companies, trade and business associations, official institutions as well as think tanks, and advises on current legal policy developments in the Russian Federation. Our mission is to foster world free trade and support favorable business environment in order to achieve sustainable economic growth, to robust employment numbers and to foster innovation in international business relations with Russia ant its rich resources.


Zorin Law Office represents interests of international and foreign business community before all branches of the federal government, as well as before international organizations, by direct advocacy, and by presenting position papers, statements, and briefs;

Zorin Law Office reports regularly to its principals on developments related to legal issues, as well as on legislative activities in Russia;

We provide our foreign partners with information on Russian business and conduct targeted researches in respect of specific entities of interest;

We host events and briefings on a range of trade and investment related issues, and fosters an exchange of information for experts in ranging from trade in Russia to economic and industrial policies;

Zorin Law Office organizes and implements delegation trips and networking events, and serves as a hub where government, industry, academia, policy institutions and think tanks can come together to discuss matters relevant to the transborder community;

We cooperate closely with qualified and experienced top-notch experts in taxation, intellectual property and corporate issues;

We provide information and support to the correspondent network of few dozens of companies and specialists.

is offered at flat cost of EUR 3000 including government fee of RUB 120000.